Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 3

Woke up earlier to do my laundry. Watched national geographic while taking my breakfast. Today first day entered classroom. All students were so happy to see me, I got natural attraction, jz like what my pcs lecturer told me before XD. Today lunch meal was spaghetti, the school meal would varied from day to day.

Wao, there was drum performance in my school today. The students were going to represent my school competing in a drum performance competition. Had my dental check up, each of my tooth conditions were recorded! The dentist was speaking Cantonese with me. Thus, others were praising me for knowing so many languages and of course, dialects :).

Went to have dinner with my friend. Yeah my new friend took me using motorbike! Finally uploaded some photos on facebook.

Today was Happy Teachers' Day in Taiwan, which was Kong Zi's bday. Here teachers do not celebrate teachers' day. Moreover, they do not received gifts from students too. It was just a normal day. Just found out that on Wednesday for students who are studying in std 1 till 3, their lessons will finish by 12.40pm.


Day 2 at my work. Today met all the teachers in my school during meeting. Starting to mix with those kids, taking class photos for them. Even the kids said I look too young at my age lol.

Started to prepare my cultural presentations at my office. Meanwhile, I had discussed with my principal about translating their school mandarin website into English website. So far no problem with that.

In the evening, my principal and other colleagues went to a western food shop that offers buffet meal as well. Guess what? Western food + buffet were only Rm30+!!!! I could not finish the meal as the portion of the meal was too big for me. Food here were prepared according to the size of the food in advertisement, unlike our place.

Actually the purpose of having dinner is to welcome me as well as have a farewell with another guy, call lim ji yu. He was freaking tall, 188cm. I just knew that in taiwan if u are too fat, too thin or having bad vision ( short-sighted, etc), U cant join national service. In fact, u will be working as a volunteer to replace ur national service, doing community work in school, old folks home, etc. He was a nice guy, he gonna took me to explore taiwan :)

Another day was almost over. Get back to my dorm and met my new housemate, she is from Taipei, that was a good news for me. I can follow her to Taipei!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Day In School

Woke up at 6.15am. I thought I was late to sch because the sky was already very bright, it was like 8am sky in Malaysia. Took my breakfast and bath.

Madam Teng, introduced me in front of the students. There are only 140+ students in this school. The students here would salute to their country flag. The students were so curious of me as some of them did not know where Malaysia is, so sad. Since it was the first day I just hung out in the staffroom ice breaking with the teachers. There were easy going and I met an Indon teacher. She spoke malay with me, felt a bit werid speaking malay in Taiwan haha.

Let me introduce their education system. For every 40 minutes lesson, they will have 10 minutes break. During lunch hour, they will break for 1 hour to allow students taking nap and having lunch. To my surprise, teachers would take nap too. The students' weight would be recorded and regulated by a nurse in the school. All students were required to have balanced diet. In addition, the nurse would inculcate healthy lifestyle concept through case studies. I found out that the students here are more proactive, many students will raise their hands to answer questions voiced out by teachers. However, there is a flaw in their education system, that is their sports lesson. Students would even have their sports lesson in the mid afternoon, like 1pm! The time for sports lesson are not fixed.

Students and teachers would take their lunch at sch. Unlike our country, they do not have canteen. Every school will order lunch for students and teachers. It is a balance diet, there are vege, meat, soup and fruits. Student eating lifestyle is regulated, in order to reduce health problems among Taiwanese. What a brilliant idea!

Went to 7 eleven to register a sim card. Taiwan 7 eleven is really convenient, there were laundry services, sim card registration as well as a dining corner for you to have your meal. They even supplied dinner package to our school. The sch provided me with this package. The dinner was nutritionally balanced too. I was eager to have more chicken meats, they were so tasy and yummy^^.

Nevertheless, I had to get used to separate rubbish before throwing them into the dustbin. I gave my chicken bone to the watch dog which accompanied the school guard. At first, it barked at me because I was a newcomer to this school. Soon, the dog started to accept my existence. Moreover, security of the students and teachers were well taken care of.

Touch Down in Taiwan

Thanks to my friend Yeo, I reached LCCT terminal around 7.45am. This was the first time I had been to the airport. Finally I arrived safely in taiwan around 3pm. It was cloudy and windy.

My taiwan AIESEC buddy, Payton came to pick me up. I was amazed with the efficieny of the transport system in Taiwan. Everything is so systematic. I needed to carry my big luggage along the way at MRT station to the bus stop. Soon, I met my school principal, Madam chu at Fu Jen University. Took a picture at there, it was like a welcoming ceremony lol.

Madam Choo was very friendly, she greeted me and guess what? She had been to Penang before! I was surprised to hear that her kid was so independent, could travel here n there himself. This may partly due to the good security in Taiwan. I only realised that mitsubishi, toyota and nissan were considered as taiwan national cars as these japanese cars companies collaborated with taiwan companies, to manufacture their cars. Madam Choo took me to "pan qiao" MRT station to have dinner, met her kid. Her kid was shy but from his look, I could see that he had mature thinking, was independent as well as smart. The thai restaurant service was excellent, waiters and waitresses kept smiling at us. Of course, I like their smiles.

Waste separation in Taiwan is done in an environmental friendly way. Taiwanese really separate their waste according to different type of thrash. Besides, they wil take away their food if they can't finish it. Morever, you should not throw tissue or toilet paper into the toilet bowl!

After having dinner, Madam Chu took me to shop. Brought all daily needs then we headed to my school hostel. The school hostel was more comfortable than utp hostel. There were water heater, big flat screen LCD TV, rice cooker, washing machine, etc. Met my housemate, her surname was Fang. Started to online as I had unpacked all my stuffs and took my bath. The internet speed was fast. At last, I called it a day to take my rest. What a day!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hibernate Blog

Wao, it has been 5 months since I last blogged. Since now we have facebook, we can daily update our status without blogging. Strange, I just have the urge to write this time haha.

Well, this is the last night I am in penang. Going back to my uni again...unfinished assignments, tests, projects, etc. There are only 7 weeks to go b4 I will be sitting for my final exams, hope everything will be smooth. Yet, I am lost in most of the subjects. So, I really need to put more efforts in order to score in every tests.

This mid sem break only din go out one night. Just swam wiv yun chong jz now. Then daryl, yc and I went to watch "Devil" ( GOOD MORAL LESSONS^^). Ah wong wants to learn how to swim freestyle but I am going back tmr. Another semester is going to end.

SO hope all my friends are in good condition and good luck in everything.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 months to go......

Well, there are 2 more months to go before I can have my semester break. Going back to my uni again on this sunday.

Time flies, these fews days just went out wiv friends. Tons of assignments have not completed yet. Y we would make our life so difficult? At MPH, I read a book which was quite interesting. The title is " How to simplify ur life". Now only I realise that Nam Weng and I shared a lot of interests and hobbies. Sometimes, we only get closer to a person after we graduated from secondary sch.

For the coming few weeks, I hope I can cope with all my academic works. I need to be more hardworking and have better time management. Get dean's list again and enjoy my sem break haha.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Just finished my test 1 for Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties......I think most of the students will get full marks la. Sien a, apply wrong formula causes the whole graph to be wrong. Felt so angry of myself, damn noob lol. Luckily is not stpm, one graph wrong means ur A is gone. This is only test1, I wasted chance to score more marks. Next time really must be more careful about the concept, haiz......Easy test but I cnt score, so frustrated >.<

Well, next week I gonna hand in 5 reports, do moral presentation ( go front kap siao a while as usual), 1 assignment, 2 tests and 1 lab test. After that I will have mid sem break from 13th till 21th of march. Sad case again as I cnt attend my grandmother bday, so many things to be missed, feel so down...down....down...

Besides, I would like to congraz for my fren who did well in stpm, for those who did not make it, cheer up la. Remember to apply for any scholarships u noe. I will tell u all when my uni application is opened. For friends who are waiting for SPM results to be released, good luck!

My 18th bday yeepee

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